Moo Music Cullompton and Tiverton

We offer fun and interactive music classes in Cullompton, Tiverton, and the surrounding areas for children 0-6 years using over 125 original songs.

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Freya Hulatt

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Hi everyone my name is Farmer Freya, I have been a farmer with Maggie Moo and her Croo for the last 4 years. Before I became a farmer I had the pleasure of working in a nursery, leading the Pre-School room for over 13 years before becoming a family nanny. I now spend my time down on the farm with Maggie and nannying for two amazing children.

What to expect at Moo

Moo Music is a great fun and interactive regular music session for 0 to 5 year old children and their parents, grandparents or carers too, where the children sing, dance and play. Music is an essential part of every child’s development and the 125 original Moo Music songs used at the sessions are positive, uplifting, fun and educational. The interactive sessions will help your child gain confidence and develop memory, language and coordination skills in an exciting, enjoyable and multi-sensory way. It’s a great way to make new friends – both for the children and the adults too!

Welcome to Moo Music Cullompton and Tiverton.

Our regular classes are on a Thursday in Halberton and Friday in Cullompton and our term dates for our latest sessions are Thursday 7th September until Friday 15th December, with a week off on 23rd October for half term.

We are really excited to restart messy sessions on Mondays twice a month, 1 at the John Tallack Centre in Cullompton and 1 at the Old Heathcoat School Community Centre in Tiverton.

This September we are introducing a new 3 tier payment system depending on the age and stage of the children’s development.

Babies 0-15 months are the same at £4.50 a class

Toddlers 16 months -3 years are £5.50 a class

Pre-Schoolers 3-6 years are £6.50 a class

We now only running our Baby Moo class in Cullompton on a Friday starting at 9.30am, we have a 15 minute window to welcome children and parents/careers and have plenty of time to say bye to Maggie and her croo. Please note that these classes are designed for children between the ages of 0 – 15 months.

At present we are running Mixed Moo classes in Halberton and Cullompton, Mixed Moo classes usually run for 45 minutes but as many of our parents/careers will tell you we hardly ever finish on time due to having so much fun with Maggie and the gang. Our Mixed Moo is designed for all ages between 0 – 6 years, it is especially good for parents/careers that have different aged children.

Our Messy Moo class are very affordable in these trying times, babies are £2.50, toddlers are £3 and pre-school are £3.50, we believe that all children should be able to explore and express themselves with different types of sensory mediums.

Our special event this term are going to be Halloween with lots of messy and creative fun at a price of £7 per child or £12 for 2 children

Please note that we have a sibling’s discount of 50% for parent/careers that wish to attend our regular classes and have a concession for childminders, please see our booking page for more information.

If you have any questions regarding Moo Music Cullompton and Tiverton please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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