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Moo Music uses multi-sensory props, games and activities to bring our fun, professionally written songs to life supporting baby & childhood development!

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What to expect at Moo

A fun, relaxed, semi-structured class where you can bond with your little one while our classes leaders guide activities linked to our music, to support their development!

Why choose Moo? Moo Music supports motor skills and coordination, confidence and self-esteem, memory and cognitive ability, social skills and teamwork. It’s also great bonding time for carer and child and a great way for grownups to get into a routine and meet other people. Happy mum, happy baby (dad’s welcome)!

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Moo Doos! -
We offer personally tailored parties for any celebration involving children including birthdays weddings and christenings!

Nurseries and Childminders -
We offer regular or one-off, personally tailored classes or parties linked to your learning objectives from just £30!

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All data is processed in accordance with the law. Moo Music Kenilworth keeps information received from Bookwhen, via email in order to ensure safe, effective, high quality classes. Information is never shared by us except for legal and safeguarding requirements where necessary. Your information will be removed from Bookwhen and emails after 18 months of inactivity. Your phone number will be stored on class leader's mobile phones in order to make quick contact with you when necessary, and if you have indicated 'yes' to marketing they may contact you from time to time to promote our activities. If you have indicated 'yes' for photo permission, photos of you and/or your children may appear on social media or marketing by Moo Music. Photos will be stored on class leaders' mobile phones and computers as necessary and will be deleted immediately on request. If you have indicated 'no', any photos of you/your little one will be deleted or edited as appropriate. If you have any concerns over photography please talk to us. Your information is processed by trusted partner Bookwhen and email provider Yahoo. Medical and emergency information will be kept on Google forms for Moo Music Splash and deleted after no more than 18 months of inactivity. Payments made via Stripe are subject to Stripe terms and conditions. Moo Music has no direct control over Bookwhen, Google or Yahoo but their own privacy policies are available on request.