Moosical Fun for your Little One:

Moo Music is a unique programme of 125 fun songs for young children based around Maggie Moo and her farmyard friends and concepts that children find interesting such as Telling the Time, Questions, Puddle Jumping and Dinnertime. We use these to provide age appropriate activities in separate classes for babies, toddlers/pre-schoolers and under 5s to aid their development but most importantly to have fun and enhance their love of music. Siblings are discounted and can attend the older class together. You will enjoy exploring sensory props and musical instruments together in a friendly class environment. It's a class for parents/carers to enjoy too- quality time with their little ones and a great way to meet other parents (who you can go for coffee with afterwards!) Mums, dads, childminders, grandparents are all welcome and well represented across our classes.

A bit about us...

Hi, I am Cathy Geary and I have now been running Moo Music/ Baby Moo classes from Chepstow to Newport for 5 years!! I am an experienced Primary and Secondary teacher and also mum to 2 energetic boys who are now nearing Secondary School. Music is really important to my family and should be for everyone- from the most confident to the most shy (adults too!)- it has so many benefits and brings people together! We run classes across the week from Chepstow to Newport and surrounding areas. We are also enjoying taking Moo Music into schools and nurseries. It is a pleasure to get to know all the babies, children, parents and grandparents who come along to Baby Moo/ Moo Music and share in the enjoyment that everyone gets from the songs and activities. It is an absolute joy to have a job that involves singing, dancing and playing all day long!