Moo Music Colchester and Tendring

Fun, interactive music classes in Colchester and Tendring for babies, toddlers and preschool aged children using over 125 original songs.

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Hello and welcome to my page, I am Latisha Rust, the proud owner of Moo Music Colchester and Tendring. I was first introduced to Moo Music 3 years ago, living in High Wycombe, when my son was 8 weeks old. I soon became a Moo mum and I loved seeing his little feet shake with excitement at the sound of the opening track each week; it soon became one of our weekly favourites. I was so disappointed when we moved back to the Colchester/Tendring area that Moo Music was not here. So after 10 years of teaching and now a proud mummy of Harrison and Tilly, I can't wait to finally bring Moosical fun to this area!

What to expect at Moo

Moo Music classes are more than just a music class or a parent and toddler group! We sing, we dance, we play and we have fun. Our musical fun and interactive sessions are a lovely way to interact with your little one. Your children will enjoy our fantastic original songs developed by Early Years Educators and professional musicians whilst engaging in imaginative role play, sign language, sensory play, and parachute games to name just a few of our activities. All this alongside the singing, movement, and instrument work that you would expect in a music based class. Each week will explore a different theme through the Moo songs. Classes not only develop musical ability and enjoyment but they can also contribute to your child’s speech and language development, motor development, and social skills. Everything we do has the Early Years Foundation Framework in mind, even though it seems like we are just having fun!

The songs are originally written just for Moo Music and WARNING they are very catchy and soon you will be singing them in the shower or whilst shopping in the supermarket, just like me!! Moo Music sessions are a great way to make new friends – both for the children and the adults!

What Moo is right for you?:

MooBorn: for babies until they are confident walkers

MiniMoo: Toddlers until they are ready for school

MixedMoo: suitable for babies until they are 5 (perfect for siblings)

Are you planning a children’s party? Why not stand out from the crowd and have a Moo Doo? We can make your child’s day extra special, whatever the celebration. Birthday Parties, Christenings or Christmas Parties- we can tailor the package to suit you. With our fabulous original music, lots of fun and games, everyone is guaranteed to have a moovellous time!

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