Moo Music Bolton, Chorley and Leyland

Award winning, fun, interactive, Educational music and movement sessions for babies and children up to 5 years of age.

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Picture of Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport

07808 549965 Email Jane

My name is Jane and I have been running Moo music sessions in Bolton for more than 9 years. I have two wonderful boys who are 28 and 16 and two gorgeous little grand daughters aged 3 and 10 months. They both absolutely loves Moo Music. As a trained Nursery Nurse I have a career spanning 27 years working as a teaching assistant in the Early years department of a local Primary School but am now fortunate enough to be living the dream and doing Moo Music full time.

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Laura Bryant

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Hi, I'm Laura and I have been working at Moo Music Bolton, Chorley and Leyland for nearly 6 years now! I first discovered sessions with my then new born son, Reuben. We were hooked from the first time we heard 'Is Everybody Here?'. After having my son I decided not to return to my job in mental health support work and at the same time Jane was looking for a new freelancer to join the team, it was an opportunity not to be missed & I am forever grateful for it! I adore Moo Music.

What to expect at Moo

What doo we doo at Moo Music? We sing, we moove, we play, we learn, we have fun, we love it’

Moo Music is a fun, interactive weekly music session for babies, young children and their parents, grandparents, childminders, carers too , where the children explore their senses through singing , dancing and play.

Music is an essential part of a child’s development and the 125 original Moo songs (more songs on the way soon!!) are positive, uplifting and fun. All the songs are written by a professional songwriter and recorded by professional musicians and vocalists. This is children’s music that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

We use puppets, parachutes, props , bubbles, scarves, percussion instruments and lots more to accompany the songs.

All Moo Music sessions are carefully planned each week to ensure maximum enjoyment and differentiation for all age groups attending. From newborn babies where our sessions are more sensory based, to preschoolers where action songs and imaginative play are encouraged, we really do have a class that will suit everyone’s needs. Every week, your Baby and toddlers will be taken on an age appropriate themed journey which is all set to our unique and catchy Moo Music.


MOOBORN (designed for babies from birth to confidently sitting) and BABY MOO (for babies from 6 weeks to just crawling) classes are calming and multi -sensory, providing a lovely environment for Baby to bond with mum/dad/grandparents, where babies are taken on a different Magical multi sensory journey every week using our fabulous props and unique and catchy Moo Music.

BABY MINI MOO is a brand new class designed for babies who are just crawling or about to, up to toddling and give babies the opportunity to explore the themed centre set up whilst encouraging them to join in with the musical activities.

All our Mooborn, Baby Moo and Baby Mini Moo sessions are 30 minutes long followed by a 15-20 minute social time for our customers where we offer a cuppa and a biscuit (sometimes cake!).

MINI MOO is designed for toddling Babies up to confident walkers and is a fun, interactive, sensory class.

MAXI MOO sessions are designed for confident walkers up to preschool and is a more physical, interactive session with age appropriate activities throughout.

MIXED MOO classes are for all ages from 0-5’s although we don’t recommend Babies under 6 months attend these sessions unless with an older sibling. These sessions are an opportunity for siblings to attend or friends with different aged children to come along together.

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  1. The Moo Hub
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  2. Darwen Methodist Church @ Springvale
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We have stair access to our Moo Hub venue and also lift access so that prams can be brought up and left in the corridor outside our room.